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Thank you for visiting! Allow me to share a bit about my professional journey.

My career commenced in the realm of graphic and web design, an area that piqued my curiosity and sparked a love for building applications. In 2015, I embarked on a new chapter with Futurewei Technologies, transitioning into full-stack engineering. This role enabled me to evolve from a frontend developer to a backend application engineer. Over the years, I have showcased my leadership abilities as an individual contributor and successfully advanced to a principal engineering position.

Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated excellent problem-solving skills and business judgment. This combination has proven instrumental in managing cross-functional and cross-team projects effectively, delivering key outcomes that meet project deliverables and internal KPIs.

My curiosity and rapid learning abilities have propelled me towards emerging technologies such as AI and Machine Learning. This interest has driven me to undertake the building of a full-stack application that supports OpenAI's ChatGPT 3.5 and 4 API using React, Node.JS.

My journey continues, driven by a passion for innovation and excellence in the tech field. Here is my portfolio.

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  •   2015 - 2023
    Futurewei Technologies, Santa Clara, CA
    Principal Engineer
    • Technical lead of US developer technical support team, work hand-in-hand with the business development (BD) group to bring top US content partners to the app ecosystem.
    • Drive the business discussions through innovative technical solutions and help content partners thrive in the ecosystem. Author technical presentation material for business presentations.
    • Design software architecture with engineers to automate and deploy built apps to the app store using Publishing API. Review and optimize the backend publishing API in Python.
    • Provide training for developers and BD – SDK integrations, monetization solutions, best practice for pre and post-app publishing.
    • Evangelize open-source Wolvic WebXR browser and developer tool such as Wonderland Engine.
    • Participate W3 Immersive-web group to support WebXR, VR Glass vendor hardware profiles.
    • Engineer user interface console to drive and manage complex enterprise applications such as proxy-based cluster metrics and log collector; IoT flow programming framework; distributed object recognition function between cloud, edge and device; serverless function and application orchestration, etc.
    • Build multiple enterprise full stack web applications using frameworks such as Vue, React, Angular, NodeJS backend and databases (MySQL, MongoDB, Redis).
    • Develop serverless developer consoles such as FaaS, voice service, API gateways.
  •   2013 - 2015
    Search411, Sunnyvale, CA
    Senior Visual Designer
    • Visualize storyboards, wire-frames, interaction & interface design and branding for the mobile & web applications.
    • Design & develop a responsive layout corporate website using Bootstrap & HTML Kickstart.
    • iOS app prototype in proto.io for developer team. Improve interface design by providing CSS guidelines.
    • Search411 is a startup working to streamline the recruitment process for the hiring managers and the job search process for the job seekers.
  •   2002-2015
    Green Banker Realty, Burlingame, CA
    Senior Web & Graphic Designer
    • Lead a team of junior graphic designers in a $300M annual sales volume brokerage and elevate broker as the #1 producing individual agent in the Bay Area since 2005; Top 3 agents in United States in 2008; #1 performing agent in Northern California in 2012, 2013 & 2014, by Wall Street Journal & REAL Trends.
    • Develop corporate website with PHP/MySQL, Google Map API.
    • Research & analyze property market value using Tableau Desktop & Online.
  •   2011-2012
    ADFI Media, Los Altos, CA
    Senior Application Designer & Project Leader
    • Produce customer seating web application designed for iPad & tablets using HTML/CSS, PHP, MySQL, JQuery Mobile & JS. Integrate Twilio API for SMS capability, news feed API.
    • Conceptualize interaction flow, UI design for web application.
    • Create a secured wireless network to communicate between tablets, database server and engaging big screen that display numbering, ads and news feeds.
  •   2000-2002
    SenaReider Advertising, San Francisco, CA
    Interface & Graphic Designer
    • Lead web development manager and designer.
    • Create Flash media for web sites, presentation, multimedia CD and broadcast email in plain text or HTML.
    • Design ads, print, web, outdoor, interactive multimedia and web pages using Illustrator, Photoshop & Dreamweaver.
    • Work closely with account executives, creative & art directors to provide technical solutions.
    • Retain Fortune 500 clients: Hewlett Packard, APL and other clients: Therapy Solutions Inc., BayView Financial Trading Group, SUNRIPE, Harris Moran, Keystone, NewStar, Birds Eye Fresh.
    • Advertising Award: 2002 District 14 Gold Addy for Best Interactive Media.

  •   2015
    Immersive Coding Bootcamp

    Coding Dojo, San Jose, CA
    Black Belt Achievement (LAMP, MEAN Stacks, iOS)

  •   1997-2000
    Bachelor of Arts, Graphic Design

    University of Central Oklahoma, OK
    Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society

  •   1994-1996
    Diploma in Graphic Design

    Central Academy of Art, Malaysia

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